By: Eduardo Serio

I love to criticize for two different factors: The first one, because in order to criticize, one has to be able to contribute, if not, the criticism is empty. The second reason is because it is one of the pleasures of living in a world with so many idiots (One has to take advantage of this).

Today, I’m going to talk about one of the rarest Animals on the planet, even more rare than a Gorilla, a Giant Panda, a Rhinoceros; Almost as rare as a thinking human being:


The Horned Guan (Oreophasis derbanius) is a bird that belongs to the cracidae family and lives in our state of Chiapas and in Guatemala. The last census told us that there are approximately 150 individuals worldwide of the species. These Birds lived 40 million years ago and are direct survivors of the Dinosaurs, that’s why they have a Horn growing in their head (I hate Unicorns by the way).

Just like everything else in our country, for decades, the Horned Guan had been monitored by a panel of pseudo experts who obviously did nothing for the species except take pictures of them in Trees in order to sell them and collect a salary. These experts, as you can imagine, are obviously good for nothing tricksters.


Some 20 years ago, Don Jacobo Zabludovsky, announced in his nighttime news show that the MVZ Miguel Angel Gomez Garza had just achieved to reproduce in captivity the first offspring of Horned Guan in his Foundation, which a year later had to shut down for economic reasons, leaving in obscurity for almost  20 years one of the most endangered species on the Planet.

In 2014, my Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, counseled by the genius MVZ Rafael Tinajero Ayala, in charge of the reproduction program of the Giant Panda, the California Condor and the Mexican Wolf (Amongst others), proposed me to join forces with Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Garza, so that together with PROFEPA, led by Procurator Haro, SubProcurator Millan and by Ing. Joel Gonzalez, directly in charge of the project, for the first time in the history of the world, could start a serious and tangible reproduction program of the species to release the offspring to its natural habitat. PROFEPA gave us 4 individuals originally.


Obviously, Secretary Rafael Pacchiano of SEMARNAT gave us his Blessing and total support to achieve our goal. 3 years later, from our original 4 Horned Guans, we have 17. We already released in a great event 2 of them, and we are about to release another 2. As you can imagine, the panel of pseudo experts protested for more than a year, trying to sabotage the same species that they say they are in charge of, but since they are not good even to protest, the release took place and it was a massive success as expected.

When one works with Heart, with intelligence, and with “Tonsils” (Testicles) as Hugo Sanchez would say, everything is possible and everything can be conquered.


Also, we have achieved to separate the first egg from a couple of Horned Guans to force the female to lay more eggs, being up to us, to make sure that the baby hatched, and when it did, to hand raise him/her for the first time in the history of the Planet. We succeeded by separating the 2 first eggs of our original 4 so instead of having 2 chicks, we had 6.

The whole process has been documented with beautiful photos and videos; All their stages, sending this way, a huge slap to the face to the panel of pseudo experts and the mediocre detractors of the project who obviously ended up swallowing their words and the little shame that they have after collecting a salary for 20 years.


As I said so in the beginning, to be able to destroy you have to know how to create, because empty criticism doesn’t help anyone. Last but not least, after my Foundation brought back the Horned Guan from the darkness where it dwelled for 20 years, National Geographic published a beautiful article about the species. This is how we change the world, not by crying and shouting…

With Love from The Mexican Serengeti;

Eduardo Serio.